Tons of Not Snow!

Yeah, that’s right… We still haven’t gotten any snow. But hey, on the up side, it was cold enough to snow this week! At least that’s a great thing!

Anyway, enough about that. I apologize that I’m having to write on Wednesday this week. You see, Monday was a holiday, and yesterday we weren’t able to because in the morning we had Zone Conference, and in the afternoon we had appointments. So, yeah. I’m writing on Wednesday.

But hey, this week has been really good. We had one day where we taught a total of 7 lessons, which was awesome! As I was reading the stats off to the District Leader on Sunday night, he said several times, ‘??Bien hecho!’ (Good work). So yeah, good stuff is going on. If all goes well (please pray that it does), we’ll have 2-3 baptismal dates by the end of the week.

Oh, we also got news yesterday in the Zone Conference that this past year, our mission beat our goal for baptisms! We had a goal for the whole year of 1000 baptisms, and we ended up with 1017! It was a great thing to have happen this year. The goal for 2007 is 1200, and we’re sure that with faith and prayers we can accomplish it. So, yeah… Pray for that, too.

Anyway, it’s really exciting. I also get to see Elder Barrios (my trainer) quite often, as he lives between us and our area. (Yeah, we don’t live in our area. Actually, we don’t even live in our zone…) So, I see him rather often, and occasionally they give us rides.

But yeah, nothing like the whole burglary thing happened this week… So, sorry that I don’t have any super-neat stories. Maybe I’ll have one for next week.

Enjoy, everybody!


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