Guess what? Yesterday I was riding my lovely bike along the road, when I noticed that my pants had small bits of ice on them! I’m not sure whether it was just a few snowflakes or some hail, but at least there was ice falling from the sky in some way! It also apparently snowed in Phoenix yesterday. But Phoenix is far enough from Mesa that we didn’t get any reasonable amount (once again assuming that the small pieces of ice on my pants were snowflakes).

Anyway, I was pretty excited about that. Who knows, maybe there’s still a chance of getting some this year! I’ve been told by several people that this year has been colder than past years… So maybe there’s that chance.

But yeah. The work still goes well! This week we set two baptismal dates for the 10th of Feb. One of them was rather skeptical, just about the fact that she knows that it’s a big step, and she doesn’t know too much about the doctrine yet. But that’s what we’re here for! Anyway, we’re excited about that.

We’re hoping that we might be able to put another couple of dates by the end of this week.

Let’s see… Not too much else happened this week… Just lots of biking in the rain and whatnot. But I really can’t think of what else to write this week…

Anyway, I’ll just be done with this now, since my mind is blank. But thanks for all the support and prayers! It’s good stuff.


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