Let’s See…

Well, this week some exciting stuff happened, I have to admit. I’m not gonna lie, my shoulder isn’t feeling too happy right now. Well, as a matter of fact, it dislocated last Friday morning when I slipped and fell. So, yeah. Not fun at all.

But unless it starts popping out with regular every-day activities, the Doctor isnt’ too worried. So at least that’s good news.

Anyway, apart from that, this week we simply had a good investigator family drop us, which wasn’t horribly fun. They decided to give their friends’ church more of a chance, because apparently their friends became angry when they noticed that we were visiting them. Anyway, so they are afraid that if they keep investigating our church, they will lose their friends..

But, on the other hand, we found an awesome guy this week who is visiting for a few months from Ecuador. He’s 18 and I was super-excited to learn that he’s going in to Graphic Design. Anyway, that was pretty neat for me. He’s an extremely intelligent guy, and we’re excited about him, especially because he’s staying with his Aunt and her family, and they’re all members.

But yeah, that’s about it for this week. We had a big fireside last night and I got to talk to my MTC companion, which was pretty cool. But I really can’t think of anything else. Oh, yeah… It seems that my website might just happen to be working now. So, we’ll see. I hope so.


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