Happy Mother’s Day!

I’ve decided that I tend to like Mother’s Day more when I’m on my mission. You see, I think that it has something to do with the whole ‘calling home’ thing. I mean, not to say that it wasn’t cool before, but now it’s just about as cool as Christmas.

Anyway, this week has been pretty cool. We’ve had the opportunity to teach some pretty cool lessons to people, and we’ve got some very promising investigators. Actually, one man came to church by himself last week (before he even met with us), and then at church this week, when he introduced himself, he was asked, “Are you a member of the church?” To which he replied, “Not quite yet.” Anyway, we’re pretty excited about him. Then we’ve got a ton of investigator families that really just need to make the commitment to come to church.

Anyway, it’s good stuff. I’m pleased to report that the pain in my shoulder seems to be going down, so that’s also a good thing.

Oh, yeah… We also had a ward party on Saturday night, where we had an awesome time. There was a professional cook there, and we sang a primary song for Mother’s Day, to which we got a screaming applause (mostly from the 4 young women). There was also a prize drawing for all of the mothers there, and the little girl who was pulling out the names happened to pull out her Mother’s and her Grandmother’s tickets. It was pretty incredibly hilarious.

Anyway, my site still doesn’t seem to be working, as far as I know. But hey, I’m doing all that I can.

Well, everybody have an awesome week!


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