The Heat Subsides… A Little Bit

So, yeah… First off, I have to apologize for accidentally making two new posts last week. I sent the first one and it hadn’t worked in the first fifteen minutes or so, so I sent another one, and then it posted them both..

Anyway… That’s what happened.

This week has been pretty neat. I called the doctor on Thursday to discuss what I should do with the shoulder now. He told me that now I should start taking the sling off gradually over the next few weeks. He says that if the shoulder starts dislocating again, especially often and in everyday situations, then I will need another surgery, which will more than likely mean that my mission will come to an early end. So, we’ll just hope that it’s had the opportunity to repair itself enough to last until the end of the mission.

Anyway, apart from that, this week has been good. We managed to find a few new investigators, which is what we’re really in need of right now. One of the people that we found, a lady named Janet, has really been prepared. It’s neat, and we’re hoping that she will be able to be baptized before the end of the month. When we were teaching her, she told us, “Well, I think that I was baptized, in the Catholic Church. But I don’t really believe in the Catholic Church, because I was reading in the Bible the other day and I read about how we’re not supposed to worship saints, and how we’re not supposed to call anyone ‘father’ except God himself. (The Pope, in Spanish, is ‘El Papa’, meaning ‘father’ I do believe that’s what the word means in English, too, but I’m not completely sure.)

Anyway, it was really neat, because she really has been prepared. She was asking us how we can know which of all the churches are true. Well, we were more than happy to let her know that it’s through study and prayer. So, anyway, we’re excited for that. She’s an awesome lady.

I also received news from my last area. Daniel has decided not to be baptized. I’m not exactly sure what the situation is, but he apparently has some concerns for the moment that will make it so that he can’t be baptized while he’s here in the US, at the very least. (He leaves for Ecuador again next month)

But, in other news, there is a family of 5 there that we were teaching while I was there who are going to be baptized on the 14th. The parents and one daughter that is old enough are going to be baptized. Anyway, they’re a really super-neat family, and I’m excited for them, too. I’m going to be requesting permission to go to their baptism.

Anyway, that’s about all the news regarding that. We’ve got some exciting stuff going on. Also, the heat is subsiding a little bit… It’s only been 110 the last couple of days, a welcome change after the 116 we had a few days ago.

But, yeah… I think that’s all the news that I can think of. Oh, yeah…. My companion and I talked in Sacrament Meeting in one of the branches yesterday. We didn’t know that we were doing it until Saturday night, and we were in meetings all day Sunday, so we didn’t have any time to prepare, but it worked out well enough. Actually, we felt that they didn’t give us quite enough time… Funny how that works out, eh?

But, yeah… That should do it.

Everybody have an awesome week!


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