“Time flies like an arrow… Fruit flies like a banana”

That there quote is from good ‘ole Groucho Marx. I thought that it was funny, so I used it.

This week has been pretty jolly good. We’ve done quite a bundle of exciting things, and we had one of our investigators tell us, quite randomly, that she would like to be baptized this upcoming Saturday. Anyway, it was quite the pleasant surprise, I have to say.

In completely unrelated news, we had transfers this Thursday and took a trip into Scottsdale to give a ride to an Elder that was going home. We stopped at several other missionary apartments on the way back, just to say hello. One of the apartment complexes, in Phoenix, has a huge common room for any residents, along with a full-blown theater that anyone in the complex can use. So, they told us that they’ve taken investigators to their own theater to show them church movies.

We also had a Mission President’s fireside last night, which was good fun. I participated in the double quartet that sang. It was held in the oldest church building in all of Arizona, which is an absolutely incredible building. I suspect that it was at one point a Catholic Mission. It was great, I have to say. It’s also the only church building that I’ve seen with a courtyard in the middle.

On Thursday we got a new greenie in our district, so we made sure to give him a warm welcome by throwing a party for him. It was glorious, and we bought all the cheap green decorations that we could find. It, I do believe, surpasses a St. Patrick’s Day party in its utter greenishness.

But yeah, I think that just about does it for the news. It really was an exciting week, and we’re looking forward to the baptism that we’re going to have this Saturday. Oh, by the way, the lady that decided to be baptized is named Ana Chavez. I’ve talked about her in the past, she’s the one that was looking for the new apartment. We’re hoping that her two daughters will also decide to take the step when she does. We’ve got an appointment with them tonight to discuss everything.

Anyway, the work goes forth. Everybody have an awesome week!


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