Inflate the Tree!


I don’t know how many of you know this, but last year my Mom sent me a Christmas tree that is inflatable. As you may have figured out, we put it up this past week. It took about 30 minutes of our time on Friday, which was considerably less time than it took me to do the same thing last year. (I guess it wasn’t packed as tight the second time around). We also took a lovely little 1 1/2 foot-tall tree out of the little shed by our apartment, and decided to use it. I spent about an hour taking all the lights off of it, because someone had wrapped 5 strings of lights around it…. To make a long story short, he did a very, very thorough job of it.

Anyway, this week has been extremely exciting. First off, we called our little news hot line (1-800-555-TELL) on Saturday night to find out that BYU had won. At that time, we had two other missionaries over at our apartment, and we were all pretty happy about that. (Sorry to all of you U-of-U fans…)


In other news, we also had a baptism this week. Josefina Gaytan was baptized on Saturday night. That was a great service, except for the fact that our loverly Branch Mission Leader didn’t tell us that he wanted to play a video while they were changing back into normal clothes… And he seemed rather annoyed that we hadn’t gotten something ready. That was interesting. I suppose that he expected us to read his mind. Apart from that, though, it was amazing.

On Friday night they turned on the Christmas lights at the temple, and we were assigned to work. So, we got to see them turn them on for the first time this year. That was pretty much amazing. There were just about a billion people there (with a slight exaggeration) Anyway, that means that for the next month we will be taking frequent trips to the Visitors’ Center, talking with many people. We’ve also been handing out fliers for it like candy (well, even more than candy, I suppose… Usually I greedily hoard candy for myself).

The other thing that happened was a lovely Thanksgiving dinner in Mesa. There were about 16 missionaries there in a very small apartment, and though it was completely packed, it was very fun. Plus, they had very good food. But yeah, Thanksgiving was good fun, and I certainly can’t complain.

Anyway, I’ve talked about a ton of exciting things, and I don’t believe that I’ve done any of them justice, but I don’t have more time to just keep on blabbing, so I’ll just go ahead and close now. Oh, wait… One more thing… Yesterday in our Sacrament meeting one of our Recent Converts gave her testimony and the story of her conversion. It was absolutely amazing. I wish that I could have recorded it. As a matter of fact, I may just record her this week, translate it, and include it in my next week’s email.

But yeah, that’s about it. I hope that all of you had and have an awesome week! Oh, and please pray for snow in Arizona. It’s finally cooled down a bit… I don’t think that it even hit 70 yesterday… that was amazing.. So, maybe with prayer, we’ll get some snow!


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