The Famed Camelback

This week has been undeniably incredible. We didn’t teach as many lessons as last week, nor did we find so many new investigators, but we’ve had some great experiences. First off, this morning we went to hike Camelback mountain, which is in our area. It was rather exciting, though I have decided that when you are an overweight, out-of-shape missionary with asthma (especially when you forget your inhaler), it is a very humbling experience. It’s only 1.2 flat miles, but it’s like climbing stairs the whole way up.


Last night we had a Mission President’s Fireside, where we were invited to sing. We went on Saturday morning to practice for a TTBB arrangement of “I Need Thee Every Hour.” It had a solo part at the beginning, and they all decided that I should sing it. Anyway, it turned out to be pretty good. Also, on Saturday morning, I stopped for a second to talk to a Sister Missionary who works in the Visitors’ Center, Hermana Polund, who was in one of my districts before. I asked her about a picture that she was supposed to print off for me, and she said, “I’ll give it to you at Thanksgiving. I’m seeing you on Thanksgiving, right?”

When I returned her question with a completely blank stare, she proceeded to tell me that I was invited to Thanksgiving Dinner at some Recent Converts’ house, where they’ve invited just about all of the missionaries that taught them. Anyway, I called and got permission to go, and then last night I talked to the Recent Converts themselves, and they seem very excited.

Apart from all of that jolly fun stuff, we’ve been keeping plenty busy with lots of work, random trips out of the mission, etc. And no, we did NOT intentionally leave the mission. How were we supposed to know that the street we were on would randomly turn into a highway with no exits? Anyway, that was exciting, too. My still-green companion had an interesting time with that.

Here’s a random picture of something that I’ve been enjoying lately… You know the English Dictionary? Yeah, this here is the Spanish version, put out by everyone’s favorite Reader’s Digest. It’s got a ton of some of the greatest words ever. Oh, and the random Spanish word of the week? Expugnar. It means ‘to take by storm.’ Pretty great, eh? I doubt that many Mexicans know it, but I think it’s fun to know anyway.

But yeah, all is well here in Arizona. The weather is still up around 85, though when I last checked the forcast, it said something about it being 66 on Friday… That could be exciting. Well, rather, I’m excited. I hope that it’s right. Everybody enjoy!


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