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Wowee… This was a great week. We’re not sure exactly what happened, but this week was very, very successful. We taught a total of 19 lessons to investigators, which is the most that I’ve taught in a very, very long time.

We also had the baptism of Manuel and Susana Garcia, who were just about the most golden investigators that anyone could imagine. They were found a couple of weeks before I got here, and instantly knew that they had found the true church. They have a very interesting story, too. He was a banker and she an accountant back in Mexico. She gave up working as an accountant to care for her children, and when they had grown, no one would hire her, because in Mexico they don’t like to hire people after they turn 40 or so. He had been working at a bank, and had lost his job. He turned 40 that year, and couldn’t find anyone to hire him, either.

So, without work, they were forced to come to the US. Now, he works in construction while she works at McDonald’s, during the night shift. They’re both extremely educated, and it’s always great fun to have a conversation with them. It’s hard, though, because we hear that Arizona is going to pass a law soon that will make it nearly impossible for people to employ illegal immigrants. We’re not completely sure that it will go into effect, but it is supposed to in January. If such is the case, we’re going to see a huge decrease in the number of hispanics in Arizona.

Anyway, it’s interesting. We’ll have to see what happens. Until then, though, this area is doing very well. We did meet some drunk guys that was pretty interesting. On Friday afternoon we went to an appointment with a new investigator, and we talked to him for awhile. We didn’t end up teaching him because he and his other friend were both drunk. It was sad while at the same time entertaining. We told them at least four times that church started at 9:00, but they kept on asking us…

Oh, and we also had an exciting experience with the Branch Mission Leader here… He used to be the Branch President, and he seems to think that tracting (knocking doors) is the ONLY effective way of finding new people to teach. He served a mission something like 35 years ago in Mexico, and he’s trying to tell us that we shouldn’t go visit our Recent Converts, because it’s a waste of our time, which we should instead spend knocking doors. Anyway, it’s pretty funny, while at the same time very, very difficult.

Anyway, that’s exciting. We have our interviews this week, and I intend to talk to Pres. Bassett about that… It will be interesting to see what happens.

I think that should do it… So, I’ll close up with a little spiritual thought. Helaman 3:27-30. I was reading it the other day and thought that is was pretty awesome. It’s even cooler in Spanish, so if you read Spanish, do that.

Anyway, have a great week!


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