The Gingerbread Train


First off in the news, on the night of Christmas Eve, the missionaries from the Camelback 2nd Branch joined together in a collaborative effort to create the most amazing Gingerbread Train ever. The inspiration came from hundreds of Mexican-modified cars. Though it may not be very clear from the photograph, it included a spoiler, flame job, custom rims, and (just for good measure) rocket launchers. While we admit that rocket launchers are a rare occurence on Mexican vehicles, we felt that it contributed to the coolness of the train.


As you may have guessed, we had a very enjoyable Christmas. We spent the majority of the day at the Clydes’ house, where we participated in configuring (though not playing) their new Wii, solving Rubik’s Cubes (at which I am now rather decent), and playing Monopoly. On top of that, we called our families, which always is a very enjoyale experience.

In completely unrelated news, we turned on the heater in our apartment for the very first time on the morning of the 29th. It probably would have made for a better story had we not turned it on, but it was a bit chilly, so we did. It hadn’t been turned on for such a long time that it shot out a bit of smoke which, naturally, caused our smoke detector to alarm.

The rest of the week was also very enjoyable. We found several very promising new investigators, and we’re pretty excited about how the work is progressing right now.

We also had our interviews with the mission president, and I talked with him about the whole situation with the law. He said that he sincerely believes that nothing major will happen. He says that it’s likely that the Hispanic population will panic, but that in the end the state will realize what a huge impact it has on the economy. With that, they will discontinue enforcing the law.

Anyway, yeah. That’s most of the news. It’s been pretty exciting. We’re also going to sing at the Temple lights tonight, which is going to be stellar. It’s a good way to celebrate the new year, I have to say. I’ll see if I can’t get a picture of it, because it will be interesting to see the attempts to fit 140 missionaries on the small stage behind the Visitors’ Center.

But yeah, that’s it for the news. Everybody have an amazing week and a Happy New Year!


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