New Year’s Resolutions

While I admit that I’m not very good for setting resolutions at each new year, I propose that you should all set a new resolution for this year. I’ve noticed that since a few weeks before Christmas, the number of emails that I have received has decreased at an incredible rate. In light of that, I would ask that you consider putting among your resolutions, “Write Elder Taylor more often, preferrably every week.”

That said, we’ll get on to the news. This week has been pretty exciting, so I’ll go ahead and tell you one of the most exciting things that happened. On Friday night we were teaching a new investigator that we have tried to teach many times. This investigator lives in a very small apartment complex where the majority of the tenants are members, not just of the church, but of our Spanish Branch. That’s a rare occurance outside of Mesa, but it is the case.

Approximately 5 minutes in to the lesson, there was a knock at the door. Upon opening the door, we realized that it was one of the members that lived in the complex. She said, “Are the missionaries here?”

We responded, “Yeah, we’re here.”

She turned her head to look at us and said, “Elders, I have bad news.” We looked kind of interested, and she continued, “I hit your car.”

Anyway, because we had just started the lesson, we asked her if we could finish the lesson, and she said that we could. So, we finished the lesson (which was very good), and went out to survey the damage. It wasn’t horribly serious (sadly I didn’t get a picture), but it made for an interesting weekend, as the driver’s door wouldn’t open, so every time that we got in and out, whoever was driving had to climb across from the passenger’s side. In a small Toyota Corolla, that’s tricky. Anyway, one of the counselors in the Phoenix Mission Presidency (who I suppose owns a body shop) took the car this morning.

Also, as I’m sure all of you know, this week we had a concert down at the temple. To let you all know, we did manage to fit all of the missionaries on the stage, though it was an awfully tight squeeze. I don’t know how the whole thing sounded, because I couldn’t really hear anything but the tone-deaf elder behind me, but I suppose that it was pretty good. If nothing else, it was a very, very entertaining experience. Since there were so many missionaries there, we had a jolly good time socializing afterwards. After that we took a quick trip to the house of the family that had us over for Christmas, and they had a little party going, though they obviously kicked us out early because of our lovely curfew. But it was a very fun night, I have to admit.

This week was spectacular as far as the works goes, as we found some amazing new investigators, one of whom apparently bore a powerful testimony yesterday in Relief Society about the Prophet and the Book of Mormon. That was especially good to hear when we had only taught her once, the day before.

So far, the new law and everything hasn’t directly made a difference in our work, though there are several people planning to move away within the next few weeks. We’ll have to see what happens in the long run. But for now, all is well.

Oh, a random other bit of news… This week we turned off the heater and turned on the air conditioner… Freaky.


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