La Reina de los Mexicanos


In other words, “The Queen of the Mexicans.” That’s a completely random picture, but I figured that I’d include it so that you know one of the problems that we have to overcome with Mexicans. They worship the Virgin Mary… It’s always confusing for them when we tell them that we shouldn’t worship ‘la virgen’.

Anyway, this week has been great. We got transfer news, and both my companion and I are staying here for the next six weeks. I was rather relieved to know that I’ll get to stay here a bit longer, as we’re likely going to be having 4-5 baptisms here this transfer. The work is going well, and it seems to be improving overall in the area that we’re in.

As far as the law goes, it hasn’t really made much of a difference in our area as of yet. Well, ok… There was one member that was deported, so that’s sad, but there’s nothing that can be done about that now. It doesn’t seem to me that the county is really putting forth much effort in enforcing it, so it works out well for the Lord’s work.


Three days this week were spent on exchanges, because we needed to finish them all up before the transfer ended. So, that was exciting, as well. That meant that I got to be in an even more central part of Scottsdale for awhile, where I snapped the wonderful picture that you see on the left. (What can I say? Life is ever so rough here…)

I had a lovely spiritual thought all ready for today, but I seem to have forgotten the scriptural reference for it right now… So, I’m sorry… I’ll share another one from this week, though. I really liked it. It talks about tribulations and difficulties. It’s Romans 5:3-5. I especially like how it says that we glory in tribulations. That’s an interesting way to put that… We glory in them. Though they’re difficult, we know that we’ll come out of them stronger, more prepared to face whatever other trials are ahead of us.

So, yeah… That’s it. Everybody have an amazing week!


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