Touring the Mission

I’d like to tell you a little bit about this wonderful thing called a “Mission Tour.” For those of you who don’t already know, it’s this thing where a General Authority visits each mission to help them to be more effective. As you may have guessed, we had one recently. As a matter of fact, it was yesterday. That’s why we’re doing email today.

Anyway, it was great, and it made me rather sad that I missed the one last year. It really got us excited about working harder and whatnot, plus we discussed some pretty deep doctrine. (I always enjoy that)

Other than that, the rest of the week was pretty awesome. We went to hike Camelback Mountain this morning, and it proved to be much easier with an inhaler, though still rather difficult. This time we also went with a group of other missionaries, so obviously we had to spend quite a bit of time at the top taking completely random pictures. (Sorry I don’t have any…. My camera was out of batteries)

The work is going well, though it turns out that 4 of our most promising investigators (both couples) aren’t married, so we have to help them to get married before they can be baptized. But it’s still going well. Lots of people are also afraid of the law, since the Sheriff’s office is starting to do random raids and traffic stops with the goal of deporting as many people as possible. So, yeah… That’s exciting, but so far it hasn’t really affected us that much.

In other news, this part of Arizona remains completely snowless. Yeah, not much of a surprise, to tell the truth. I’m only sad because I’ve heard that Utah is getting tons… I wish they could send some my way.

Anyway, I’m shorter on time today, so I’m going to go ahead and close it up, though I’d like to share a little thought… This week in church someone shared this quote from an Apostle: (Sorry, I’m going to have to translate it, so it probably won’t be exact, but I’ll do my best.)

“In order to accomplish things that have never been accomplished, we have to do things that have never before been done.” That’s quite the statement, I have to say. It’s so obvious, and yet as we apply that in our lives, we’ll be able to work harder toward our goals and accomplish them.

Anyway, everybody have an awesome week!


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