One… Two… Six… Go!

While I don’t really expect that title to make sense for any of you, that means that I’m getting transferred. You see… In a transfer, there are six weeks. Anyway, sorry, I thought the title was reasonably clever.


Anyway, it’s going to be interesting. I’ll be heading to the Zone right next to the temple, Pioneer Zone. That’s where the vast majority of the Visitors’ Center sisters are, so it will be pretty interesting. My companion will be an elder that just recently left from this district. He’s a Samoan who’s pretty cool.

This morning (as you can probably see in the picture above) we went to Mesa to play good ‘ole soccer with a bunch of other missionaries, and it was pretty exciting. We’ve been pretty busy since then, too, and mostly it’s just been a pretty packed day. One other fun thing that we did was have lunch at In-n-out burger, which most of you know is an excellent place to eat.

Other than that, there isn’t that much exciting stuff that happened this week. The man that was going to get baptized now doesn’t seem very interested, who knows why… But, yeah… That’s life as a missionary.

So is getting transferred, which is always a somewhat relieving feeling, because then I don’t have to continue worrying about how to help those people that really don’t realize how important all of this is. But yeah, I’m reasonably excited for that. We’ll see how it goes. I’m sad to be leaving here, but at the same time, it will be fun.

Anyway, that’s really about all that I can think of to write for now, so I’m going to go ahead and finish up now. I hope that all of you that didn’t write me had an incredible week.