Where be the Wallet?

Well, this week has been rather exciting, I have to admit. First off, we had a great lesson last Tuesday with an investigator that has been going to church and everything for a very long time. We talked about revelation and how a new prophet is called. Then we proceeded to talk about the different levels of administration and how revelation works on each level. At the end, naturally, we talked about receiving personal revelation, and as we were talking about it, he said, “Yeah… About 10 minutes ago I felt something really strong.” Later on, he said, “I think that I’m just about ready to be baptized.”

Anyway, we committed him to pray about it, and the next time that we went over, he said, “I’d like to be baptized.” The rest of the story is pretty long and complicated, but we’ll just say that though he wanted to be baptized quickly, we’ve had to delay it a bit, and he’s going out of town for work (not a business trip, but rather because he can’t find work here) for the next week and a half, and we’ve got some work to do in the mean time to prepare his family for his baptism (Though all of them are already members.) Anyway, sorry that’s not very clear, but maybe if I get a chance later, I can explain it in more detail. The point is, he really wants to be baptized, but there are some little problems standing in the way right now.

But yeah, the rest of the week was pretty exciting, too. We lined up some members to drive us around at night so that we could at least get something done. But on Monday afternoon Pres. Bassett called (about a completely unrelated subject) and asked us to go by the office to pick some stuff up. Then he quickly said, “Oh… Wait… You don’t have a car… Well… Hold on.” After several seconds he said, “Well, the Assistants just left to take a truck to Snowflake, and they left their car (a 2008 Dodge Caravan) here. I’ll see if we can get it to you.” Anyway, to make a long story short, we didn’t have to go without a car, because we were able to use a brand new (albeit a minivan) car. After the Assistants came back, they traded us for a truck, which we used for a couple of days.

The other exciting thing was that I temporarily lost my wallet this week. When I realized that I had lost it, I pinpointed several places that it had to be. After thoroughly searching our apartment and car, I called some other missionaries and asked them to search their car. They apparently searched it, and then told me that it wasn’t there. Anyway, after doing all that I could to try to locate it, I called to have the cards cancelled and everything. Then, within a few hours, those same missionaries called me back and said, “Hey! Guess what!? Your wallet magically turned up…” Anyway, it was pretty stressful, but now I’m happy to have it back, though I’ve still got to wait for the new debit cards.

But yeah, that’s the week in a nutshell. Exciting, eh?