I figure that at the current rate, I’ve got about 3 months to live. I say that not to scare any of you, but instead to inform you of something that happened yesterday. But first, I’ll explain some of the history. You see, about 2 months ago we got a flat tire on the car. About a month ago, someone hit our car while backing up. Yesterday, we were driving along a road when a man in the right lane suddenly decided to make a left turn… So he slammed into our right side. I just figure that at the current rate, with accidents of increasing severity occurring about once a month, that in about three months there will be a fatal one.

Anyway, that was pretty much just a long way of telling you that yesterday, on our way back to church (we had been there and then left to try to round up people to go), we got in an accident. It wasn’t anything major, though now our car will be out of commission for a few days, or perhaps significantly more if it costs more than $2000 (If it costs more than $2000, Church Headquarters has to approve the repairs). Anyway, it will make doing missionary work exciting, since I still can’t ride a bike and all of our work is about 4.5 miles from our apartment…

We ended up getting to church about 35 minutes late, with all the police reports and everything.

But yeah, other than that, this week was pretty great. There was a great Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting, for those of you who didn’t go. Though it didn’t really apply directly to us as missionaries, I learned some good stuff. After that meeting, we did about 3 hours of service for a member of the branch, helping them landscape their front yard. It was tricky because there was still a small pond in the middle from when it rained about a week ago (Remember how I said that Arizona soil doesn’t soak up water very well? Yeah, that’s why there was a pond).

As far as the work goes, however, it wasn’t horribly successful this week. I don’t know what it was, but there just didn’t seem to be many people available at any time of the day. But, hey, you can’t always have everything be perfect.

There was a lot that I thought about sharing as a thought this week, but it always seems to disappear when I’m actually at the computer ready to write it, so I’ll just write the first thing that comes to mind. This week I was re-reading one of Elder Scott’s talks from this last conference, and he mentions the relation of Faith and Character. I didn’t take much notice until I was reading (quite randomly) about ‘Boanerges’ in the Bible Dictionary, and it said that they were likely given that title because of their ‘strong character’. Anyway, so I went back and read about character in Elder Scott’s talk, and I thought that it was pretty stellar. As we build our faith, our character increases. As our character increases, out ability to strengthen our faith also increases. Anyway, I thought that it was pretty interesting.

Oh, another thing… In the training meeting, at the end, President Monson addressed everyone. It was quite the feeling when he began talking, I must say. There was definately a strong confirmation of him being the next prophet.

Anyway, that’s the news. So, yeah. Everybody have an awesome week! Oh, and pray that my pattern of crashes doesn’t continue. That would be bad.