A telephone call?

Well, this week has been pretty exciting. First thing, something that really surprised me, I got my ‘trunky call’ this week. We were just leaving the Visitors’ Center after a lesson and the phone rang. Anyway, a trunky call comes approx. 3 months before the end of your mission (at least in our mission) and it involves them asking you what airport you’ll be flying in to. Anyway, I informed them that I won’t be flying home, because my family is picking me up. So, yeah. It really surprised me, because I hadn’t thought about it at all. But hey, those things happen.

Anyway, this week was awesome as far as the work went. We had our interviews with Pres. Bassett, and along with that we always have our ‘Zone Development Meeting,’ in which we address the problems that the zone is facing. Anyway, it was an awesome meeting, and last night, as we were receiving stats, most stuff had increased by about 50%. Anyway, it was pretty awesome, because it seems like everything is taking off. Plus, we had an awesome week, too, and we were blessed with some very promising new investigators.

Anyway, it’s been a good week. The water balloon fight last week was pretty awesome, though it took less than 10 minutes for our entire supply of them to be exhausted. I got pictures, but I left my card in the car, so yeah… Anyway, it was fun.

There’s not much else in other news. Mostly, life is good. So, yeah. There you have it. The Church is true.