The Flaming Bag of Poop


Ok, so, to tell the truth, there really wasn’t any flaming bag of poop. But there was a bag of poop in our car this morning. That was pretty exciting. It’s all part of a long story of sabatoge and revenge, involving leather air fresheners and secret combinations. Mostly, we’ve just been involved in a war with some of the sisters in the zone, and one of them is going home tomorrow, so they made their last-ditch attempt to get us back this morning, by placing a bag of poop in our car. But it seemed to disturb them more than it disturbed us. We hardly noticed it, and when we did, it was easy enough to throw it into the garbage can, but apparently the sister dry-heaved three times while putting it in there.

Apart from that, this week was pretty much good all-around. We had a fun experience where we were trying to talk to some elderly hispanics, and it was incredible to see their attempts to get rid of us. They both just turned their backs and acted like they were ignoring us, and mostly it was just really entertaining.

Of course, as most of you know, Conference occured this weekend, and it was pretty stellar, but that’s mostly self-explanatory. I’m sure that all of you noticed for yourselves that such was the case, so I’m just not going to worry about commenting further, since such a course of action would just be repetitive.

We’re making some progress with some cool investigators toward baptism, though it seems like lots of people are trying to avoid us, so that’s kind of depressing. One of our best investigators disappeared, and we’ve not the slightest idea of where to find him. But hey, that’s just what happens. Oh, and some of our other investigators were apparently very close to being deported, but they weren’t, so that was good.

Anyway, it was an exciting week. Oh, and we got transfer news, but my companion and I are staying together, so that’s not horribly interesting.

But yeah, I could keep on writing, but I’ve pretty much run out of time, and I don’t really have anything important to say, so I’ll finish up. Have a stellar week!

Oh, and one other thing that’s pretty exciting… This week the police closed off parts of our area twice. Once they brought in the SWAT team. I think it had something to do with a hostage situation. Anyway, it was pretty exciting.