So, this week has been pretty much amazing. In the picture at the left, you can see what happens to be the wedding and baptism of a family that I taught 2 areas ago. They finally decided to take the step to get married and baptized, so it was a pretty awesome event. Plus, all the missionaries that had taught them were there, so that was pretty cool, too. Anyway, it was really fun to be there for it.

We also had transfers this week, so that was fun. We now have 2 ‘Hermana Lopez’es in one companionship, so that sometimes gets confusing. But hey, what can you do? I figure that figuring out a solution is the only solution.

Ok, sorry for that confusing sentence. I thought it sounded kind of cool. Anyway, it’s been a fun week. We had some exciting meetings on Saturday, two in a row. In the first they gave us breakfast, which consisted of some wonderful things that I haven’t had in quite some time, ableskeevers. If you haven’t had them, you absolutely must try them. If nothing else, they’re quite a bit of fun.

But yeah. As far as the work goes, we’ve been making some progress with several people, and they’re slowly getting closer to baptism. Hopefully we’ll be able to have some baptisms coming up soon, though as of right now we don’t have anything solid set. But hey, we’ll just keep on working, and all will be well.

But yeah, that’s the news. The only other thing that I can think of to say is that we had a pretty awesome game of Ultimate Frisbee today, which turned into a sort of water fight between some people toward the end. I think that I got hit the hardest, as everyone seemed to gang up on poor Elder Taylor. ’twas a sad thing.

Anyway, that’s it. Have an awesome week!