Well, as you may have guessed, we’re doing email now on Tuesday because we decided to go to the temple this week, because this is the day that fit in with all the Visitors’ Center Sisters, and it was pretty great. Going to the temple is always an awesome experience.

Anyway, this week has been pretty exciting. Now that I think about it, so much has happened this week that it seems like an awfully long time since last P-day. We’ve had several meetings, met the family that we’re moving in with, worked at the Easter Pageant rehearsals, and a plentiful supply of other stuff that I can’t remember right now. The point is, we’ve been pretty busy with everything.

Among the most exciting things was setting a baptismal date last night. It was an investigator that I hadn’t even met yet. We had set several appointments with him and they had all fallen through because of work or other things. Anyway, last night he finally was able to have a lesson, which we did in the Visitors’ Center. The Bishop and two of our ward missionaries were also there, and it was a great lesson. Anyway, he’s set to be baptized on the 29th of this month.

In other news, we’re getting ready for the Easter Pageant, which starts tonight. It’s going to take place every night except Sunday and Monday up until Easter, and we’ve been assigned several days to work there talking to people and looking for referrals. Apparently it attracts about 80,000 people every year, so it should be pretty exciting. We got to help train the cast on looking for referrals as well, and that was great fun. It should be a good thing. We went one night to be at one of the rehearsals, but we had to go do some baptismal interviews and whatnot, so we ended up missing the majority of it. But it should be fun, so we’re excited.

Apart from that, there’s not that much new news… We’re moving in with the members this Saturday, and we convinced our Housing Coordinator to let us look around the warehouse (yeah, they have a warehouse full of furniture) for new furniture, since what we have is very undesirable. The problem is that we’re moving in to a one-room place, so we won’t have tons of room to spare. But yeah, it seems like a pretty nice place. It’s a modified two-car garage, and despite how that sounds, it’s pretty nice. We’re excited to be getting out of our grimy apartment.

But yeah, that’s the news. Next week should have some exciting stuff, since we’re going to be having the pageant and moving in. So, yeah… There you have it. Everybody have a great week!