Who’da thunk?

So, guess what? We spent most of the morning on Friday and Saturday moving our stuff over to our new place of residence. It’s pretty amazing. The Halbert family (who, as you may have guessed, we just moved in with) is pretty awesome, and they’ve been quick to allow us to participate in some of their greatest traditions, like Sunday night ice cream. (Can’t complain about that one)

Anyway, their remodeled garage is just big enough for all of our stuff and a new couch to fit in comfortably. Mostly, we’ve just been really enjoying ourselves there. It’s a good place to be. It’s much better than our run-down apartment, plus we’ve made an arrangement to pay them some money every month and just use their food. Oh, yeah… And this morning, while I was viewing the cereal situation, Sis. Halbert walked out and said, “Since I don’t have work today, I thought I could make breakfast. Would you like some waffles?” Anyway, it was the first time that I’ve had waffles in a very, very long time. And they were really, really good.


But yeah, that’s good stuff. In other news, the Easter Pageant has been good fun. We got to work there two nights, both the Spanish nights, and it’s been pretty stellar. It’s a good performance, and it’s been great fun to be able to talk to people before and after. We get to meet people from all over. It’s mostly just really fun to be there.

Other random stuff that happened this week was having an awesome Zone Conference, setting a baptismal date with an investigator when I met him for the first time, and yeah… I can’t think of anything else for right now. But it’s been an awesome week. The Church is true, life is good, and living with members is superb. Always remember those things. They’ll make your life a happier thing.

“Right then… Good show, carry on.”