Vantage Point

Vantage PointAt this moment, I swear that my blood pressure is at least twice what it normally is. Not only that, my heart has been racing at over 120 bpm for approximately the last hour and a half. Man. Seriously, I am just about at a loss for words.

I just finished watching the movie Vantage Point. It’s all about assassination attempts and whatnot, if you didn’t know already. That’s something that has been vaguely close to my family’s line of interest, and so this movie seemed all the more amazing.

But truthfully, if you want an action-packed movie, you can’t get much better than this. There are less than three dull moments throughout the entire thing. If you don’t believe me, well, then you’ll just have to watch it yourself. I caution you, however: if you already have high blood pressure, Consider yourself warned. You may die while watching this movie.

It’s full of incredible action scenes, plot-thickening, and some amazing twists in the storyline that will really throw you for some loops. But overall, I have rarely enjoyed a movie more than this. I haven’t the slightest what it’s gotten in its reviews, but if I were to review it, (which I so happen to be doing right this moment) I would give it a 95/100. Well done. It’s an amazing movie.


2 responses to “Vantage Point”

  1. Your family is vaguely interested in assassinating the president?

  2. I would say so as a joke, but then somebody might come after me. Mostly I just need to take another couple of English classes, because clearly I need to improve my writing skills.

    No, we’re not interested in assassinating the president… We’ve always had a fondness for the Secret Service and whatnot. That’s truly what I meant to say.

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