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  • Anker USB-C to USB A Cable Review

    Anker USB-C to USB A Cable Review

    I was recently given a sample of Anker’s new 6ft USB-C to USB A cable (They also come in a 3 foot variant). Actually, I guess I should say that I was given two samples, since they come in a pack. I’ve been using them over the past week and a half, and I’ve got […]

  • A Movie… Starring… Me!

    I had to write something about this movie, since it was pretty much amazing. But first, I’ll give you a bit of background. I am, officially or unofficially (it really matters not), one of Pixar’s greatest fans. I once doubted them — at the release of Cars — due to my incredulity that a good […]

  • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: Wow/100

    I love old movies. I figured I’d say that. I suppose that it’s just something about the fact that they uphold good ideals and yet, at the same time, were ranked well for their time. As a matter of fact, after we, as a family, finished this film, Mr. Smith goes to Washington, reviewed the […]

  • Yes Man – 87/100

    I figured that I should write my own little review of a movie that I saw today. It was, overall, quite an entertaining movie. I was kept laughing through the majority of the film, and though that’s not the most difficult thing to make me do, it always makes a movie more entertaining. Aside from […]

  • 1/10

    Who wants to pay $90 to get back? Any volunteers? Because I know that I sure don’t. And guess whose fault it is? I’m blaming godaddy. The reason that I am doing so mostly relates to’s lovely assumption that no one would ever want to change services to someone else. I mean, why […]

  • An American Songbook

    I recently realized that I had completely forgotten the joys of going to live performances. Luckily, this week I was blessed with an opportunity to go to one, and therefore have refreshed my memory of the beauty of concerts and whatnot. Last night I was able to attend the O.C. Tanner Gift of Music concert […]

  • Vantage Point

    At this moment, I swear that my blood pressure is at least twice what it normally is. Not only that, my heart has been racing at over 120 bpm for approximately the last hour and a half. Man. Seriously, I am just about at a loss for words. I just finished watching the movie Vantage […]