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Anker USB-C to USB A Cable Review

I was recently given a sample of Anker’s new 6ft USB-C to USB A cable (They also come in a 3 foot variant). Actually, I guess I should say that I was given two samples, since they come in a pack. I’ve been using them over the past week and a half, and I’ve got to say, I’m very impressed. Granted, I think you could successfully classify me as an Anker fanboy, because I love pretty much every single one of their products that I have.

These cables are no exception. The nylon wrapping is awesome – to me it seems far superior to just a rubber cable. It’s more durable, it’s super flexible, and it really feels like it’s built to last. The connections at the end are sturdy and they hold well when plugged in to both my phone and my charger/computer. Finally, the red color on the nylon wrap looks pretty cool. It looks a lot nicer than either a plain black or plain white cable, and I think it’ll look a lot better when dirty than rubber white cables do.

I think my only complaint about the nylon wrap would be that I think it’d tend to fray a bit over time. Since I haven’t had these cables for very long, I can’t say whether or not that’ll actually happen, just that it seems likely. Of course, even if it does happen, it’d be easy enough to clean them up with a quick pass of a lighter.

Overall, these are another great product in Anker’s lineup. I’m looking forward to using them for at least the next few years.


A Movie… Starring… Me!


I had to write something about this movie, since it was pretty much amazing. But first, I’ll give you a bit of background.

I am, officially or unofficially (it really matters not), one of Pixar’s greatest fans. I once doubted them — at the release of Cars — due to my incredulity that a good movie could be made based on Nascar, though soon thereafter I realized the error of my ways, and have since repented.


Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: Wow/100

Mr. Smith Goes to WashingtonI love old movies. I figured I’d say that. I suppose that it’s just something about the fact that they uphold good ideals and yet, at the same time, were ranked well for their time. As a matter of fact, after we, as a family, finished this film, Mr. Smith goes to Washington, reviewed the list of Academy Award winners in recent years, and the number of movies that contain good ideals has greatly decreased over the last 20 years or so. But this movie, which won the Academy Award for best writing back in 1930-something.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is about a man who is put into the Senate after the death of another Senator. When he arrives, he (obviously) assumes that Washington is a good place, that senators are honorable men (back in those days, it appears, senators were all men) who uphold the values of the people they support.

But what he finds is very disturbing. His fellow senators are men who look more after their own interests, double-dealing and most certainly not seeking the interests of their people.

He fights continually and is almost absorbed in a conspiracy to have him removed from the Senate. But in the end… Well, I’d best just leave it for you to watch.

But the point is that I very much enjoyed this movie. It’s got good values, a good plot, and shows a strong dedication to a good cause. What better things can you have than those?


Yes Man – 87/100

Yes Man - Screenshot

I figured that I should write my own little review of a movie that I saw today. It was, overall, quite an entertaining movie. I was kept laughing through the majority of the film, and though that’s not the most difficult thing to make me do, it always makes a movie more entertaining.

Aside from a few awkward moments (which I don’t suggest young children see), the movie was pretty clean, which is always a bonus. It’s just that those two scenes really are awkward. It wouldn’t have hurt them to completely cut them out… But doesn’t that just seem to be the trend nowadays?

But the glorious part is that it has a surprisingly inspiring plot. I felt like becoming a “Yes Man” myself when it was over. It really is rather encouraging and does a good job motivating one to act – to do things that we normally wouldn’t, whether it be because they seem weird, awkward, stupid, or absolutely ridiculous.

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. Especially the part with the (I assume) Australian boss that sincerely believes that Costco Memberships are incredibly exclusive and difficult to obtain.

So, the point is, I gave the movie 87/100. Good stuff, though I would’ve preferred that it not have the little awkward parts. Without those, it would’ve acheived a higher ranking, and I would have absolutely no reservations in recommending the movie to anyone.

Reviews Site 1/10

Who wants to pay $90 to get back? Any volunteers? Because I know that I sure don’t. And guess whose fault it is? I’m blaming godaddy.

The reason that I am doing so mostly relates to’s lovely assumption that no one would ever want to change services to someone else. I mean, why in the world would anyone ever rather use another registrar? The very thought is preposterous! Rather, so it seems to Godaddy.

They’ve made it awfully difficult to move a domain name registered through them to someone else. And that, my friends, is the reason that they now want me to pay $90 to get it back. But alas, I do not feel so inclined. And therefore, goodbye applyclan. That is, unless they release it to public registration soon. Then I will be able to register it again at a much more reasonable price – $8.95.

Let’s hope, shan’t we?

Life Reviews

An American Songbook

I recently realized that I had completely forgotten the joys of going to live performances. Luckily, this week I was blessed with an opportunity to go to one, and therefore have refreshed my memory of the beauty of concerts and whatnot.

Last night I was able to attend the O.C. Tanner Gift of Music concert at the Conference Center downtown. It was pretty spectacular. When you’re somewhere hearing stunning music live, there’s just a depth and quality to the music that isn’t there when you’re listening to mp3s or CDs.

The guest performers were amazing – Denyce Graves and Bryan Stokes Mitchell. Especially Bryan was incredible. I mean… I was just about in paradise. Anyway, to sum it all up, it was a great night, the Tabernacle Choir and Utah Symphony did a great job, and I am sure to go more concerts soon, because they’re amazing. Even if they’re not for rock bands, they’re still enjoyable.

Anyway, I’m tired now, and my brain hurts. So, that wraps it up.

Oh, and there are still some problems I’m trying to work out with the site. So, please be patient. Thanks!


Vantage Point

Vantage PointAt this moment, I swear that my blood pressure is at least twice what it normally is. Not only that, my heart has been racing at over 120 bpm for approximately the last hour and a half. Man. Seriously, I am just about at a loss for words.

I just finished watching the movie Vantage Point. It’s all about assassination attempts and whatnot, if you didn’t know already. That’s something that has been vaguely close to my family’s line of interest, and so this movie seemed all the more amazing.

But truthfully, if you want an action-packed movie, you can’t get much better than this. There are less than three dull moments throughout the entire thing. If you don’t believe me, well, then you’ll just have to watch it yourself. I caution you, however: if you already have high blood pressure, Consider yourself warned. You may die while watching this movie.

It’s full of incredible action scenes, plot-thickening, and some amazing twists in the storyline that will really throw you for some loops. But overall, I have rarely enjoyed a movie more than this. I haven’t the slightest what it’s gotten in its reviews, but if I were to review it, (which I so happen to be doing right this moment) I would give it a 95/100. Well done. It’s an amazing movie.