A Movie… Starring… Me!


I had to write something about this movie, since it was pretty much amazing. But first, I’ll give you a bit of background.

I am, officially or unofficially (it really matters not), one of Pixar’s greatest fans. I once doubted them — at the release of Cars — due to my incredulity that a good movie could be made based on Nascar, though soon thereafter I realized the error of my ways, and have since repented.

russellAnd therefore, when I saw, about one year ago when I watched the classic Wall-E, that Pixar would release their next movie on the very anniversary of my birth, I knew that I simply had to see it — on that day. Not only that, later on I realized that one of the characters, the cute little scout guy, shares my first name. At that point, I knew that Pixar was simply paying tribute to one of their greatest fans.

Overall, it was quite a stellar movie. I sincerely believe that I am going to have to see it again shortly, because it is such a great movie. While I have to say that it likely isn’t the best movie ever created, it most certainly was very enjoyable, and definitely worth multiple watchings.

And therefore, it’s amazing.


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