Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: Wow/100

Mr. Smith Goes to WashingtonI love old movies. I figured I’d say that. I suppose that it’s just something about the fact that they uphold good ideals and yet, at the same time, were ranked well for their time. As a matter of fact, after we, as a family, finished this film, Mr. Smith goes to Washington, reviewed the list of Academy Award winners in recent years, and the number of movies that contain good ideals has greatly decreased over the last 20 years or so. But this movie, which won the Academy Award for best writing back in 1930-something.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is about a man who is put into the Senate after the death of another Senator. When he arrives, he (obviously) assumes that Washington is a good place, that senators are honorable men (back in those days, it appears, senators were all men) who uphold the values of the people they support.

But what he finds is very disturbing. His fellow senators are men who look more after their own interests, double-dealing and most certainly not seeking the interests of their people.

He fights continually and is almost absorbed in a conspiracy to have him removed from the Senate. But in the end… Well, I’d best just leave it for you to watch.

But the point is that I very much enjoyed this movie. It’s got good values, a good plot, and shows a strong dedication to a good cause. What better things can you have than those?


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  1. allyson Avatar

    Plus it has Jimmy Stewart. A really young Jimmy Stewart. 🙂

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