We Found a Goat!

GoatLife is going rather well. My shoulder is still hurting an unnaturally large amount, but it all works out. Painkillers help, too. Plus, I started Physical Therapy this week, and they’ll hopefully be helping it to feel better.

As far as everything else goes, we wanted to do email yesterday but couldn’t because when we tried the church email was down. So, we’re doing it today. That, and yesterday I spent a lovely 4 hours in the Physical Therapy place waiting for the Doctor to be able to see me, because apparently I need an in-state doctor to authorize therapy. So, yeah. Anyway, we had a lovely hour of therapy followed by three of nothingness.

But yeah, it works out well enough.

In other news, we’ll have another baptismal date today. We’ve been waiting for permission from the Bishop to baptise a kid named Eric, who wants to be baptised. His mother also wants him to be baptised. The thing is, she was baptised about 4 years ago and was inactive for 3 of them. But now, she’s coming back into activity. The Bishop wanted her to be active before we baptise him. But he gave us the go-ahead on Sunday. So, we’ll be setting that up soon enough.

We’re also going to have that other baptism this week, the family of 3. That’s going to be superb. They had their interviews on Sunday, and with only mild complications, passed with flying colors.

But as you can see, the work moves on. Hopefully we’ll be able to set another couple of baptismal dates in the near future. There are many people here who have been well-prepared for the Gospel. So, it’s good stuff. Plus, the members here are amazing.

Oh, and next week we’ll probably be doing our P-day on Tuesday, because we’re going to go to the temple. That is a beautiful thing.

Have a great week, everyone!


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