It Seems that I’m Back!

Well, yeah, I’m back now. Not surprising, as I already informed all of you.

Everything is going rather well. I’m here in the heart of Mesa, and the temple is right across the street from my area. It’s a good area, and we had the opportunity to set three baptismal dates with a family yesterday. They’re super excited about the Church, and already have strong testimonies.

In other news, I got here on Thursday, and I was riding back to my area with the Zone Leaders (One of which is my good ol’ trainer, Elder Barrios), when they asked me, “When can we train you to be a District Leader?” My immediate response was, “I’m not a District Leader.” To which they responded, “Yes, you are.” Anyway, so I called President Watson that evening and he said, “Oh, yeah… Sorry I forgot to tell you that. Is that okay with you?”

Anyway, so I’m a District Leader now. We also had the opportunity to go to the Easter Pageant here on Friday night, which was pretty awesome. It’s actually the largest outdoor Easter Pageant in the world. There were thousands of people there, and it really was great.

As far as my Easter, it really wasn’t exciting. It was pretty much like any other Sunday, except that it was my first in this area. So, yeah. That, I guess, was good. It’s actually a Ward here, and it’s a strong one. I also participated in the Ward Choir (which is very, very small…) But yeah, it wasn’t the most exciting thing ever.

My companion is a very interesting person. Very, very interesting. He doesn’t like speaking Spanish, and he has this little way of imitating small things that I do and standing too close for comfort. But yeah, he’s willing to work hard most of the time, so that’s what’s important. Oh, yeah…. Last night, he pulled the whole “Why is it that you’re right and I’m wrong” thing on me. Anyway, that was pretty exciting. After that he pouted for round about 20 minutes.

But yeah, everything goes well. The hardest thing is being out of touch with everyone. I really like being able to call my Mom to ask her help, or to say, “I love you.” Speaking of which, I think I’ll do that right now.. Mom, I love you. Thanks for all that you do for me.

Well, there you have it. Everyone have a great week!


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