A Fond Farewell


Well, here we go, everybody. I’m leaving early tomorrow to resume my mission. I suppose that I’m pretty excited about it, though I don’t think that I’ve yet completely realized that I’m heading back.

Anyway, it’s good stuff. I’ve had a good little ‘Spring break’ as we’ve called it. I’ve been able to revise my packing list, something that very few missionaries get the opportunity to do.

I’m pleased to report that my shoulder seems to be doing much better, and every day I get more motion back. I’ll still be doing Physical Therapy for quite awhile, though. So, truthfully, I don’t know exactly what else I need to say. Pretty much, I’m tired and still have packing to do, so I’ll probably be finishing this post and heading off to wrap up those last few things.

So, yeah. I’ll be heading off now. Thus concludes the last test of this system. If it doesn’t work now… It might not get fixed.



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