So, yeah… This week has been pretty good. It’s been different to not have good ‘ole Elder King around, but Elder Robinson is a pretty neat guy. We’ve been having a good time. He’s from Idaho Falls, Idaho, and we’ve been having a fun time together.

Anyway, there wasn’t much too spectacular that happened this week, at least not much in the way of good exciting news. We’ve been having to drop quite a few investigators who just stopped opening their doors to us. It’s no fun at all. But anyway, the Valles family is still doing well, and we’ve got a few more people progressing toward baptism, so that’s good news.

In other news, about the one constant subject, my shoulder isn’t doing well. It’s been half-dislocated twice this week… So, yeah… That’s no fun at all. We’ll just have to see what happens.

But yeah, apart from that, everything is going pretty well. We had some awesome meetings yesterday, though I was pretty darn tired by the time that we got to the end of church. We had some new investigators there, so that was good.

Oh, yeah! I almost forgot! We had two new investigators this week, a couple who are the parents of a lady who joined when she was 19. He is 94 years old and has some serious hearing problems, so we had to shout for the entire lesson. It was pretty great. He loves to talk, so he told us lots of interesting stories. It turns out that he moved here in 1942 to work for the government. Anyway, it’s very interesting. He came to church yesterday with his wife and daughter, but I doubt that he was able to hear too much. Anyway, we’ve got our next appointment with him this upcoming Wednesday, so that will be pretty exciting.

But yeah, I think that just about does it for the news this week… Good stuff is going on, let’s just keep praying that the shoulder stays where it needs to.


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