The Clouds are Taunting Us…


I couldn’t think of a much better title for this week’s email, as per the fact that there are clouds surrounding us just about every night, but the most that we ever get is a puny sprinkle. We can see lightning every few seconds, but it almost never comes near us… Anyway, we always just keep on hoping that it will come. That’s by far the fastest way to have the temperature drop.

Anyway, good stuff is going on, though nothing really exciting happened this week. We’ve just been chuggin’ along doing what we can, and stuff has been happening little by little. I suppose that one exciting thing that happened is that Pres. Bassett called us up on Saturday and asked if he thought that our area can be split. Apparently there’s about 4 Spanish Elders coming in this transfer, and none are leaving. So, that means that he’s got to make two new areas. So, yeah… There’s a possibility that he’ll be splitting the area come transfers in about a week.

Apart from that, I really can’t think of much else. We had a couple of good lessons this week, but we failed to find any new investigators. We’ve made little bits of progress with the Valles family, and we’re still waiting for news on the apartment for Ana Chavez and her two girls.

But yeah, I really think that does it for the week… Sorry there’s not much… Hopefully something more interesting will happen this upcoming week for me to write about.

Oh, yeah… One more thing… The weather is supposed to be cooling down a little bit in the next few days… I heard that it’s supposed to be 96 on Thursday… That’s amazing! Anything under 100 is just about like heaven.

Ok, I’m really out of things to say for now. Have an awesome week!


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