Walk the Dog…

Sorry that I forgot my camera so I can’t include the picture, but we saw quite the sight this week… A dog being walked… By a treadmill. The owners had tied the leash so that the dog had just about no slack whatsoever, and so it was stuck walking, and walking… It didn’t look like it was having a very fun time, but it was rather funny for us.

Anyway, this week has been rather interesting. We had a great appointment with Gerardo this week, in which we extended a baptismal commitment. His response was astounding. He said, “Well, actually, I’ve been talking to my nephew about this, and I do certainly want to be baptized. But, as you know, I have my family in Mexico, and I’d really like them to be here for the baptism.” Anyway, we ended up setting an approximate baptismal date for December, since that’s the soonest that his family would be able to come. He told us that even if they end up not being able to come then (because of visas and whatnot), he will still be baptized.

Anyway, it’s pretty much amazing. He’s awesome, and he told us several times, “I don’t have any doubts.” So, it’s great.

The Valles family is still progressing on their way to baptism, though we may just end up having to push it (and the wedding) back a little bit, because it turns out that her parents will not be able to come for quite awhile. So, actually, the branch leaders are thinking about taking the wedding down to them, in Mexico. Anyway, it was pretty interesting to hear them discuss the options.

Apart from that not too much has been going on. We’ve been doing what we can, but this area just doesn’t leave us with a huge teaching pool.

But yeah, that’s about all that I can think of for right now, so I’ll just go ahead and finish up. Oh, yeah… The shoulder is holding about where it’s been for a long time. So, yeah. Unstable but holding in there. It’s good stuff (obviously it would be better if it were completely stable, but I’ll take what I can get).


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