Well, this week not too much horribly exciting stuff happened. I mean, it was a good week, but it was pretty much ordinary as far as missionary work goes.

We had our English class on Tuesday night, which was pretty good. I had been having a great time teaching it the last few weeks, but this week was harder, because I was teaching more advanced stuff, and they had lots of questions that were very difficult to answer. I was teaching them how to say, “I am going to…” and whatnot, and they had a billion tough questions. But yeah, it worked out enough. We’re going to review all of that this week.

Apart from that, we also found out that the Valles family doesn’t have to wait for papers and whatnot from Mexico in order to get married. So, hopefully we’ll be planning the wedding and baptism on the same day, either this weekend or the next. We’re really excited about that.

We also have another investigator who wants to be baptized (with her two daughters), but wants to move further away from her father first. (He isn’t very open toward the church, and right now they live right next door) Anyway, this week we had some good progress in finding a possible place for them to live. One of them looks really, really promising.

We also went to the mission president’s fireside last night with Gerardo, with whom we will be setting a baptismal date this week. It was a great experience, and they’ve changed quite a bit with the new mission president. (For one thing, he can speak Spanish… That’s a bonus.) That, and they’re letting more people participate in them. Before, it was only 4 people that got to actually participate in the musical numbers and whatnot… Anyway, I’ll probably be doing something in the next one.

But yeah, that’s just about it as far as the interesting stuff. We also had a Zone Conference that was pretty neat. We learned a lot, which is always good.

I think that’s just about it, so I’m going to go ahead and finish up. Everybody have an awesome week!


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