dry.” Even in Arizona.

This has been a jolly good week. Actually, there hasn’t been much worthy of report, except that we had one of the most entertaining dinner appointments ever yesterday.

You see, we recently had a family with six daughters move in to one of our branches. We had dinner scheduled with them. Anyway, we showed up and not much interesting was going on. Not a word was said for awhile, except for one question… “Would you like to wash your hands?” Anyway, after washing our hands, we sat down to eat. Still, the awkward silence continued.

At this point, my companion and I both decided that we needed to put some life into this dinner. It was clear that we needed to do something. Anyway, we started asking some questions. Not really random ones, but ones that got them involved. Anyway, we ended up playing a good game of twenty questions that eventually turned into a ‘guess Elder Taylor’s favorite scripture’ game. So, that was the spiritual thought that we shared. Anyway, it was good stuff. Oh, and just in case you’re thinking that it was just a large flirtingfest, the oldest daughter is in 9th grade, so such was not the case.

We taught a good amount of lessons this week, and we’ve continued our quest of walking in the name of saving miles. We also took yet another hike this morning. Actually, it was exactly the same hike that we took two weeks ago. It was just about the same this time, so I won’t say much more.

Oh, we also had the coveted opportunity of speaking in Church yesterday, with no more than a couple hours’ notice. (I hope that apostrophe is in the right place. If it’s not, well, darn. I need to go back to English class…) It wasn’t bad, though, as per the fact that we only had to do so for 7-8 minutes.

Other than that, we ate flan, crazy cake with M&Ms on it, fish sticks, and other various things. All very enjoyable. Oh, and there weren’t any more instances of mistaking Epsom salt for Sea salt, thankfully.

I sincerely hope that all of you have an incredible week, free of undesirable things, such as falling rocks, charging elephants, etc. Oh, and I’m trying to be more creative in my weekly reports. They were beginning to bore me. Please, let me know how I’m doing. Oh, and the title had nothing to do with the content, just in case you didn’t notice.


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