Painting the Rockses Red! (Or, rather, orange…)

I did have a really fitting, witty title all ready for this week, but it needs a picture to go with it, and I just so happened to forget to bring my camera to the library today… Maybe I’ll use it some other time.

To expound on this week’s title, I need to tell you all that here in Arizona, people paint their rocks. They paint them orange. You see, instead of grass, they have rocks. Instead of cutting their lawn, they paint it. I just thought that you might all like that little bit of Arizona trivia.

This week brings with it some very interesting news. But before I tell you what that news is, I have to inform you that this week they were kind enough to give us a cellular telephone. It is a beautiful thing. The one problem that I see with it is that it brought some bittersweet news. You see, we were given the cell phone on Friday morning. Friday night is when we start getting transfer news, continuing through Saturday night.

In short, on Saturday morning we were on our way to a lesson when that cell phone started vibrating away on my belt. I looked at the number, which I did not recognize. After answering the phone, the voice of Pres. Bassett exploded out of the speaker (It appears that I accidentally hit the speaker button in the act of opening the phone), saying “Elder Taylor… This is President Bassett.” By that time I turned off the speaker. He continued, and invited me to be transferred to the Camelback District, which covers a portions of Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, and Paradise Valley.

So, I’m taking off tomorrow. It’s really bittersweet. While I’m excited to be heading off to Scottsdale, I’m really going to miss the people here in East Mesa. I’ve had a great time here.

As I think about it, this week has been very, very eventful. On Thursday night, we had quite the exciting experience. We returned to our apartment after dinner, planning to stay but a few minutes. (To make a few phone calls) I went in to the bathroom, where we found random, undesirable substances in our bathtub. Now, this kind of worried us, as you might imagine. Soon, we heard sounds of water coming from above. This doesn’t normally worry us, as per the fact that people live above us. But then, our bathtub made some noise and started filling (from the drain up) with water and more undesirable substances. An absolutely horrid smell also proceeded to spew forth from the drain.

To make a very long story short, the plumber came, we went to an appointment, came back, and he was still there. He stayed until about 10:30ish before he finished clearing out the main pipe. It was very exciting. I did also learn to make Flan that night, in a completely unrelated experience.

That should just about do it for the news, I do believe. I’ll let you all know how the new area turns out. I hear that they’re expecting six baptisms within the next little while, so that will be glorious. Oh, also, the Valles family is just about firmly set on being married and baptized on the 10th of November. Hopefully they’ll let me come back for that.

Everyone have a superb week!


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