The Phantom Cell Phone

I don’t know how many of you have experienced this phenomenon before, but here in the mission, we call it the ‘Phantom Cell Phone Ring.’ It involves thinking that your cell phone is vibrating, thus indicating a ring. This is shortly followed by a sudden realization that you have no cell phone. As you may have already guessed, I experienced such an occurence this week.

Apart from missing the cell phone in the last area, this week has been interesting. I’ve been going between missing the old area and being excited for the new area. I’ve already made some big changes to the apartment, the first of which was taking the blanket off from the bedroom window. It made an eerie orange color all over, and it’s much brighter now that we’ve removed it. I’ve also been working on cleaning up the huge stains in the carpet. It’s tricky, but it’s possible.

Yesterday we had something very interesting happen in church. Right after Sacrament Meeting, one of the members approached us and said, “Hey, that lady over there said that she decided to be baptized.” She was pointing to one of the investigators who has been such for about 9 months. So, we approached her and talked to her. We had had a lesson with her about baptism round about 2 days earlier, and she told us, “I need to be baptized before I change my mind.” So, we set up a date with her for this upcoming Saturday. One of her daughters has also decided to be baptized.

We also have 3 other people preparing for baptism in the month of November. It’s pretty exciting, and we’ll have qutie a bit going on in the near future.

My new companion, Elder Hellewell, is from Indiana, and he’s been in the field for about 3 months. He’s a pretty neat guy, though he still has some greenie habits, so I’ll need to break him of those. It’s what we call ‘greenie-breaking.’ Anyway, not too much else is going on. Oh, yeah… I don’t know if I told you about the awesome new apartment complex where some Elders were moved in. Anyway, they’re in my district, and we’re doing email there right now. They have a big lounge area, and you can check out laptops to use. So, currently, my companion and another Elder from the District are playing pool behind me, whilst I and another missionary do our email. It’s pretty much amazing. Plus, there’s no time-limit. That’s nice.

Anyway, I’m excited for the new area. There’s a lot going on here right now, we’ll just have to work to keep it up. We’ll need to do a lot of finding of new people to teach come the end of November.

But yeah, that’s what’s been going on. I hope that you all enjoy your week!


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