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  • Lady Burglars?

    Well, hello again, everyone! This week brought with it some rather interesting experiences, I must admit. On Thursday, I believe, we were riding our lovely bikes along the road when we saw 3 ladies come around the corner. The weird thing is that they were all running, but weren’t in running clothes, and certainly didn’t […]

  • Happy New Year!

    This week I decided one thing: During my pre-mission life, I didn’t move around enough. I’m not saying that I regret not moving, but I do believe that I’m making up for it now. You see, I moved (this morning, actually) to my third area (not including the MTC). It’s pretty exciting, I guess. Though […]

  • Happy Day!

    This week has once again been rather enjoyable. Of course, it was Christmas, so that was always a good thing. As far as the work goes, this week we had some great things happen. We committed one lady to prepare to be baptized, after reading 3 Nephi 11 (Where Christ visits the Americas and talks […]

  • ¡Feliz Navidad!

    This week has been pretty fun. We’ve been keeping plenty busy with everything. On Saturday we had our Branch Christmas party, which really was a lot of fun. We had worked on decorations for it for the 3 weeks before, because it was going to be ‘Navidad en Belen’ or ‘Christmas in Bethlehem.’ Anyway, it […]

  • Happy 11th of December!

    Why hello, everybody! I’d like to report that though we used the Air Conditioning this week (Yeah, in December), the work is progressing very well. This week we managed to teach 24 total lessons, a great leap from last week. The best part is that the members here are really starting to help us, especially […]

  • O Está, Todo Bien

    Well, hey everybody! Yeah, Phoenix is still unnaturally hot for this time of year, but hey. I couldn’t expect anything else, now could I? It certainly won’t feel like Christmas this year, with Palm Trees and 65-degree weather. But maybe that’s a good thing. If it was too much like Christmas at home, I might […]

  • The Warm Winds of Change

    I’m sorry to say that my chances of seeing snow this year were greatly decreased this past week. I was sitting in my apartment with my good old companion there when we received a call. Now, usually that’s not abnormal. As missionaries, our phones ring quite often. I picked up the phone and was rather […]

  • Happy Day of the Turkey!

    This week has been great. I’ve still been a little bit sick on and off, but I think that it’s finally completely going away now. At least I haven’t thrown up since last week. This past Saturday was the baptism of Andres Valencia, who if I haven’t told you already, had been investigating the church […]

  • Haldo!

    This week has been pretty exciting. We went to the temple in Snowflake this morning, and though it’s a puny temple, it’s really beautiful. It was a really good experience. Last night I was up most of the night throwing up, which really wasn’t fun. I’m exhausted right now, but at least starting to feel […]

  • Boom!

    Sorry it’s going to be short, but we’re short on time this week. We’ve got our Zone Activity today, and I can’t really skip out on that. Anyway, this week has been good. We only had one investigator at Sacrament Meeting this week, but it all works out. We taught more member lessons than ever […]