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  • Using Docker for WordPress Theme & Plugin Development

    Using Docker for WordPress Theme & Plugin Development

    In the time since I actually learned something about deploying to the web, I’ve been extremely unhappy with my WordPress development workflow. As a result, I haven’t developed any WordPress themes or plugins in quite a few years. I’ve just used themes and plugins as-is, but I’ve finally decided that I want to actually build […]

  • Running WordPress with TLS/SSL on Apache and Nginx as Reverse Proxy

    Running WordPress with TLS/SSL on Apache and Nginx as Reverse Proxy

    Getting WordPress running properly on Apache with Nginx running as a reverse proxy is surprisingly difficult. It took me quite awhile to get all the moving parts in order, but it’s great once you get it all done. Plus, it’s really cool to get an A+ rating from SSL Labs: Configuring Nginx for the Switch […]

  • Open Wi-Fi & Wireless Security

    Open Wi-Fi & Wireless Security

    I’ve recently been thinking about Wireless Security, and the way it relates to ‘public access points’. It seems to me that it’s very difficult for us to avoid public networks altogether (whether we’re at a hotel, a coffee shop, or really anywhere else). Sometimes, we really need to connect, even if we have some burning […]

  • HTTPS for free with Let’s Encrypt

    HTTPS for free with Let’s Encrypt

    If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wanted to add HTTPS to your personal sites or apps, without having to shell out the money to get a certificate from a certificate authority. Of course, self-signed certificates were always an option, but it really kind of sucked to have to always either bypass warnings or install […]

  • A Refresh

    A Refresh

    I was going to title this post A New Beginning, but then I realized that all beginnings are really new, aren’t they? It just seemed a bit repetitive. That said, I’m writing this to inform you of my intention to update this blog on a more regular basis. Initially, I intend to write at least […]

  • User Lists in Twitch’s IRC with ZNC

    Twitch’s IRC is, well, not like most IRC. They’ve modified it in so many ways, it’s difficult to still even consider it IRC. But hey, at least we still can connect to their chat services using IRC. I guess I shouldn’t complain. Anyway, one of their most recent changes was removing join/part messages completely from […]

  • Obnoxious Bugs in CSS3 Columns

    I got pretty excited when I found a promising application for CSS columns in a project I’ve been working on for my wife – she sells Dog Collars and Toys on Etsy, and we’ve been collaborating on creating a site to complement her Etsy shop. I figured that CSS columns would be the perfect way […]

  • ‘Download to Phone’ in Google Music

    I’ve been a happy Google Play Music All Access subscriber since the service was initially introduced. The thing that hooked me wasn’t just that it had a great selection of the music I like, but also that I could add my own music to their cloud if they didn’t have it. The ability to add […]

  • Building a Better Data Generator

    In my capacity as a Quality Engineer at a company building data analysis software, I often find myself looking for quality data sets that I can use in my testing. Sometimes, I take the time to find some real data that fits my needs, but oftentimes it’s impossible (or takes far too long) to locate […]

  • Automatic Deployment with Gitolite

    About Gitolite About a year and a half ago, I came across a great open-source git repository management tool called Gitolite. It’s a great tool for hosting and managing git repositories. It worked especially well for me because I run my own web server where I could set it up. If you’d like to give […]