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  • ¡Bienvenidos!

    First of all, I’d like to welcome all of you Utahns (and others currently residing in Utah) into our time zone. It’s a pleasure to have you join us. I hope that all of you are enjoying your extra rest. Anyway, on to other stuff. This week we had the baptism of Margarito, which was […]

  • Happy Birthday to Somebody!

    (I don’t know what the title has to do with anything. It was my attempt at being random.) The latest news from the wonderful State of Arizona:(regarding me, of course) So, guess what? Last night we were with an investigator. Actually, a really awesome investigator who does a lot for us. He’s been investigating the […]

  • The Weekly Update

    This week has been pretty dang good, except for one rather big thing. On Saturday morning we were playing basketball in the church during our personal exercise. I reached up to block the ball, and… Guess what!? My left shoulder dislocated! Yeah, super exciting. It wasn’t your regular pop-out and back in type of dislocation, […]

  • Hola Again!

    How’s life? I hope that it’s all going well. This week hasn’t been horribly exciting,really. It has been starting to get chilly during the morning and night here. We played some sand volleyball this morning, and my feet are still cold. We set another couple of baptismal dates this week, so we’ve got a total […]

  • The Weekly Report

    This week has been good. We’ve got a few more baptismal dates set, which is great. We’ve been working hard and getting a lot done. As to really new, exciting, and fun stuff… I’m afraid there hasn’t been too much. We had to have our car in the shop yesterday, but we’ve got it back […]

  • Hey Everybody!

    I’ve decided to not write as much to all of you now, because I’m sure that not all of you want to receive a novel about my weekly experiences. (Unless, of course, you’re my mother.) Anyway, this week has been pretty good. We’ve been able to help resolve some of the issues that we were […]

  • Inactivity and Baptism


  • Another Update from Arizona

    Here’s the next update… But for those of you who don’t know, if you send an email back then I add a personal message at the top the next week! While I’ve been making progress with the language, this week had some other challenges involved. Yesterday we found out that one of our investigators won’t […]

  • ¡Hola from Arizona!

    Plenty of exciting stuff has been happening here in Arizona. I got here a week ago, and now I’m in a little town called Payson, about an hour and a half north of Mesa. It’s nice and cool, and there are actually trees here. It’s really nice, and we had a car, at least for […]